Testaments that Art CAN Heal, Empower & Impact

Back for its fourth exciting year, hear from some of ArtCAN’s past and present supporters – Artists, Patrons, Curatorial Panel Members, Sponsors, Collectors, guests and More…


Chris Casey & Doug Weiss, Host Committee / Patrons – 2011, 2012 & 2013 Patrons & Host Committee Member

We have been involved with JCM Foundation for several years both as attendees and in recent years as patrons for ArtCAN. The commitment and passion that Pamela Monastra and her family have for pancreatic cancer research is amazing, and is exemplified in the quality and character of the ArtCAN event, its hosts and its participating artists. The partnership that ArtCAN creates between the communities of medical research, artists and art patrons — all of whom are touched in some way by the disease — is powerfully focused on finding effective treatments and ultimately a cure for pancreatic cancer. – Chris Casey

Jerry Cullum, Art Critic – 2011 – 2013 ArtCAN Visual Arts Curatorial Panel

There are some extraordinary works in this auction, including some that I have judged in the past to be worthy of museum exhibition. – Jerry Cullum

Jennifer Foote, Host Committee / Patron – 2011 Patron & 2012 Host Committee Member

The JCM Foundation has done a tremendous job of delivering an event wrought from artistic inspiration, the grit and determination to beat cancer, and the remembrance of those in whose name we carry on the fight. As a supporter of both the arts and cancer research initiatives, I’ve been honored to have had the opportunity to serve as both a host and patron at ArtCAN since its inception. It’s the best of both worlds! The event is impactful and leaves an imprint on the soul, and maybe even your wall. Don’t miss it. – Jennifer Foote

Hope Cohn, Art Consultant & Curator – 2012 & 2013 ArtCAN Visual Arts Curatorial Panel

The work comes from the heart and it shows. Rich and thoughtful, it touches the spirit and celebrates life. Thank you ArtCAN artists, for sharing your work, your stories, and giving to this noble cause. – Hope Cohn

David Wendel, Fine Art Artist – 2011 & 2012 Featured ArtCan Artist & Cancer Survivor

Cancer impacts everyone at some point in their life. Friends, relatives, or ourselves, we all feel that nightmarish unknown when the word is spoken regarding our personal world. It is this unique hold it has on our dark imagination that, at prognosis, frees all the negative demons we can envision before regaining our rational perspective to rally and to defeat this monster.

Of all cancers, the diagnosis of a pancreatic cancer is one of the most daunting to receive. It takes very quickly. Pamela has been touched and changed by this with the passing of her father. She, too, lived that nightmare and rallied, bringing the absolute best she could envision to fight the good fight!

As a cancer survivor, it is an honor to work with such a deeply personal commitment. As an artist, it is humbling for me to participate in a very personal way with the donation of something from my heart…just as Pamela works from her heart. It is this passionate, creative partnership that lifts ArtCAN to a unique place among the many incredible organizations fighting cancer.

Thank you for what you do Pamela. May ArtCAN always remain the tremendous and inspiring success you have made it these last two years. – David Wendel

Timothy Tew, Gallery Owner, TEW Contemporary Fine Art Gallery – 2011 – 2013 ArtCAN Visual Arts Curatorial Panel

It is a pleasure to work with the curatorial staff to select artworks to be included in this year’s ArtCan exhibition. I am impressed with Pamela Monastra’s passion, dedication and her desire to help others and find a cure for pancreatic cancer. This is what the creative impulse is all about. The team has worked to give viewers a broad array of creative visions by artists who have been affected by cancer in some manner. I hope viewers will be inspired and will open their hearts and pocketbooks. Together we can do anything and this is what ArtCan is all about. – Timothy Tew

Lesley Ann Price, Fine Art Artist – 2011 & 2012 Featured ArtCan Artist

As an artist I could no have wished to donate my work to a more worthy cause. Every aspect of ArtCAN from choosing a curator to organization of the final event is just amazing. Best of all every penny goes to research. Just being associated with this event is truly a privilege. – Lesley Ann Price

Keith Walker & Gordon “Rob” Foster, Host Committee – 2011 & 2012 Host Committee Member

For the past two years I have attended ArtCAN without disappointment. It is a wonderful cause and a beautiful way to spend an evening surrounded by incredible art and wonderful people. Pamela Monastra and ArtCAN has increased my awareness of pancreatic cancer and by supporting this event allows me to contribute to pancreatic cancer research in a small way. I strongly recommend that everyone participate to not only enjoy a special evening, but help to support a very worthwhile cause. – Keith Walker

Marianne Lambert, Art Consultant & Curator of the Swan Coach House – 2011 & 2012 ArtCAN Visual Arts Curatorial Panel

I have sat on jury selection for many art auctions and have found the art submitted for ArtCAN to be of superior quality. It is indicative of the very personal love and concern these artists have for curing cancer that they care enough to give their very best. – Marianne Lambert