2016 Call for Artists

Welcome Visual artists and thank you for submitting for the 4th Annual ArtCAN, a fundraising event featuring selected acclaimed Visual artists who have had their lives impacted by cancer. On Saturday, November 19, 2016, the Joseph C. Monastra (JCM) Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research will host its 4th Annual ArtCAN fundraising event, an unprecedented collaboration of the visual and performing arts to fight pancreatic cancer, hosted at The Estate by Legendary Events. If you are a Visual artist who is either a cancer survivor or who’s life has been affected by cancer due to a loved one or someone close diagnosed with cancer, we are encouraging you to submit your artistic work for consideration to be selected as a featured artist for the 4th Annual ArtCAN fundraiser. Works from selected visual artists will be featured in our fund raising auction.

Visual Artists who submit their creative work for consideration to be one of the select ArtCAN 2016 featured artists will be reviewed and chosen by the members of the ArtCAN curatorial panel. ArtCAN has assembled two distinguished curatorial panels for this year’s ArtCAN event: a Visual Arts Curatorial Panel. For questions and inquiries, please Contact Us.

Selected artists will receive:
  •  Featured profile page on the ArtCAN website, consisting of artist profile picture, artist statement and bio of how you have been affected by cancer, 1-4 images of work,  and direct link from the ArtCAN website to the artists’ website or gallery, if represented.
  •  Each artist will be promoted through a comprehensive social media campaign via Facebook and Twitter.
  •  Option to choose donation level: 100% or 80% of the proceeds of each piece of fine art that is auctioned:
  • 100% Donation/ All proceeds in the sale of the art piece will go directly to the JCM Foundation.  Artists to provide the value of each piece and a requested minimum starting bid if applicable.  Artist to receive 2 complimentary tickets to the event.
  • 80% Donation/ 80% of the proceeds in the sale of the art piece will go directly to the JCM Foundation.    20% of the proceeds in the sale of the art piece will be reimbursed to artist.  Artists to provide value of each piece and a minimum starting bid if applicable.  For example: Value $300  Starting Bid: $100  Sold: $100  JCM Foundation  receives $80.00 and Artists receives $20.00   Artists is receive one complimentary ticket to the event.
  • All Artists please note:  Bidding will start at 1/3 of the stated  value of the  piece unless you indicate otherwise.  If your piece does not meet the minimum bid and does not sell, you will need to make arrangements to claim that piece of work by Tuesday November 22, 2016.  Further shipping information will be provided upon your work being selected.

Deadline for all submissions: September 30, 2016 Announcement of selected artists: October 2016

2016 Visual Arts Curatorial Panel: Alan Avery, Contemporary Fine Art Gallery Owner Alan Avery Art Company  Chief Curator Hope Cohn, Art Curator & Consultant Jerry Cullum, Art Critic Timothy Tew, Gallery Owner TEW Contemporary Fine Art Gallery