Artist Profile

Yoram Gal

My mother died young from cancer of the bile ducts. I have a cure for all cancers: eat what poor Chinese and Greek peasants eat, and you will never, ever contract cancer, heart disease, diabetes, parkinsons or any other chronic disease. Watch the youtube movie "Forks over knives" and read "The China Study" by prof. Colin Campbell. I know I shall never have cancer because I do not eat dairy or livestock since 2.5 years ago. My proteins come from plants, and I never go to a doctor. The "cure" is so simple. But the doctors, the drug corporations and all the others profiting from people's illnesses, hide this simple truth from the masses. I hope you take my words seriously and preemptively cancel out diseases in your life and the lives of people around you. The young generation around the world know this truth well and avoid meat, milk, cheese, and their derivative products. They want to live without medicines and hospitals

Born in Jerusalem in 1952. Grew up and was educated in London and Tel-Aviv. Started painting at the age of 12 and first exhibited at the age of 13. Accepted into art school at the age of 15 but decided against it. Became an infantry officer in the IDF. Graduated from Tel-Aviv University Honors BFA in Theatre Acting and Directing. Since 1977 writes plays for stage and screen, paints, directs, acts, produces shows in his traveling theatre. And acted in Israeli, American and British films. Shows his paintings in different countries and in his newly opened own gallery in Old Jaffa. Lives and works in Old Jaffa since 1978. Have had 14 one-man exhibitions of my paintings.

Artist Statement:
In Hamel�s words: ?To hold a mirror up to nature?: Paint as wide a range of modern life�s rich diversity as I can, capturing fleeting moments of dramatic, comic and lyrical interactions between people. Juicifying the changing landscapes of our times on paper and canvas, stretching the styles of painting from realism to abstract, thro my own expressionism. Experimenting in dangerous non-comfort zones, striving to go beyond my previous piece into something I did not know before. Starting from scratch, daily, working at re-inventing my painting like a child. Having fun celebrating my decades on earth in the most colorful, joyful and intense way I can. Joie-de-vivre is my motto.