Artist Profile



Rae Broyles
Roswell GA

My sister with diagnosed with cancer twice in the last ten years. Her first round was a stage two breast cancer that was treated through surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. After about 4 ½ years we thought she was in the clear. But just before her 5th anniversary, she was diagnosed with stage 4 and it had attached to her rib. Before the operation to remove her rib, the doctors decided to try a revolutionary treatment called Herceptin. This new treatment was a miracle for all of us. Not only did the cancer subside, but she also has kept her ribs and been cancer free for almost 5 years now! I can't imagine losing her. Artists Statement about this work: The original concept for this work and videographic painting came to me in 2011 while trying to incorporate my intense love for music, dance and various painting mediums into one work through which I could more fully express myself and my responses. Not realizing that simultaneously to my developing this concept, Lhasa De Sela, a Canadian born singer who was inspiring my painting, was battling cancer. Her music had spoken to me so deeply at the time but I had no idea how it would connect to the piece in its final stages. In this work the dancer is moving through a simple space with prior direction as to my final vision of where the paint will be placed. Then, after video editing, the painting is projected onto the surface of the canvas while I create the actual painting in unison to the visual movements. Therefore, truly incorporating her location on the canvas as she appears to be interacting with the painting itself. I give full credit to Lhasa for this soundtrack and offer this project as a tribute. The written portion of the work in her words, which I display alongside the work, video and headphones, can be seen at this link: http://www.raebroyles.com/episode-one

Rather than using precisely defined brushstrokes in her pieces, painter Rae Broyles largely uses washes of color to achieve the images she sees in her mind's eye, allowing her concept to take shape with very little guidance from her hand to create pieces evocative of the emotion she herself experiences and visually connect others with everything that inspires her passion. Every piece Rae creates speaks of a time in her life'”what she sees in the world around her, what events are taking place. There's a freedom in her work, freedom of movement and depth and emotion, unapologetic for whatever it may elicit of its viewer. And it's that freedom to explore pain, happiness, wonder, anger'”experience them by turns in every piece and every color and texture and stroke'”that has drawn her audience and made her work so incredibly relevant. Having grown up in an artistic, unconventional household in Chicago, Rae's love of art and painting developed from an early age, fully taking shape as she grew into adulthood and studied at some of the most known art schools in the nation. No amount of study or training, however, could achieve what sheer talent and passion naturally gave her; and during the many years that Rae worked in the commercial art world, she came to realize that her art could not find fulfillment unless she allowed herself to let go and just create. –It's important to me that the energy that I feel while I create art is evident in the final piece,' Rae says. –My process and materials are my motivation; but I also succumb to the thought that I'm only a vessel through which creativity flows, telegraphing images that exist in the universe as well as those that have yet to be physically realized." She uses her deft ability to combine mediums, communicating her vision through acrylics and oils, torched wax, fabrics, and even videography. The combinations are nothing, if not powerful; and somehow, she captures the spirit of her subject and translates it all in the visual space allowed by her canvas, never confining the energy into the harsh restrictions of a clear outline.