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Roxane Hollosi
Atlanta GA

Cancer has afflicted so many. It has infiltrated most everyone's lives in one form or another. Although, I am fortunate to never have been diagnosed myself, it is all around me and has stricken many close friends and family members. The most recent memorial I attended was in May, the second friend to loose their battle to pancreatic cancer. He had been diagnosed only 6 months prior. The absence of treatment options was devastating to the family; they were told nothing could really be done. The list of woman friends in my life battling breast cancer continues to grow. At least 9 close friends or family members, along with numerous acquaintances are at varying stages in their treatment and recovery. Joyfully most are now considered cancer survivors, two are not. Skin cancer took my Aunt many years ago and stomach cancer took a dear friends brother. My experience with the disease has been as an observer, and I see the pain and uncertainty it inflicts on family and friends. I can only hope continued strides in research and treatment will present a day when we can say everyone diagnosed with cancer will soon be a cancer survivor.

Roxane Hollosi, grew up in Minnesota and Iowa, spent several years in Boston and for the past 10 years has called Atlanta her home. Roxane has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Iowa State University and was awarded –Best in Design' from the Design College upon graduation in 1985. In Boston she continued her art studies at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, and philosophy studies at Harvard Extension School. She is a mixed media artist who energetically works in a multitude of materials at the same time. She often shifts from painting, collage and drawing, to wood, metal and fabric within the same daily work cycle, tirelessly exploring her quest to create a visual rendering of the intangible. –Through a daily practice of art making, I search for what makes an entity, feeling, idea or rhythm –Live', and explore that in my art. The shapes, colors and textures that intuitively layer my surfaces, hint to the Native American influences I saw as a child growing up in Pipestone MN.' Roxane was the President of the Atlanta Collage Society from 2012-2014 and spearheaded several large collaborative projects during her tenure which include the Marilyn Project, (an 8'x8' portrait of Marilyn Monroe, made up of 841 individual collaged canvases); The Tempietto of the Nine Muses, for the Art on the Beltline Project; and a large scale collaged collaborative scarecrow for the Botanical Gardens Scarecrow exhibition. She spent several years on the Board of ARTSS Sandy Springs, where she was part of the team who began the cities Sculpture Competition and directed the Playable Arts Park on Abernathy Road. Her work is in several public and private collections in the US and abroad, with one of her most recent commissions for DuPont, Pioneer Co, Beijing. She actively exhibits throughout the Atlanta area, as well as, nationally, and is the recipient of numerous awards. In the past couple of years, her work has been included in exhibits at the Museum of Contemporary Art, (MOCA, GA); Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum in Mesa, AZ; Denise Bibro Fine Arts catalog, NY; Mason Fine Art; Swan Coach House Gallery; Narrows Center for the Arts, MA; Hudgens Center for the Arts, GA; Dalton Gallery, Decatur, GA; Spruill Gallery; and Abernathy Arts Center.

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